For provisioning and deprovisioning users automatically, Dashworks supports a SCIM integration with Okta.


  1. Set up Okta SSO with Dashworks following the instructions at Okta

  2. Reach out to support@dashworks.ai for the SCIM base URL and OAuth Bearer Token for your organization

Step-by-Step Configuration Instructions

  1. Log into your Okta Admin account and add Dashworks app from the Application Catalog. The Dashworks app may already be present if Okta SSO is set up for your organization.

  2. In the Application, click on Provisioning tab and then click the Configure API integration

  3. Fill in the details for SCIM base URL and OAuth Bearer Token and click on Test API Credentials and click save

  1. In the Provisioning To App Settings, enable the following:

    • Create Users

    • Update User Attributes

    • Deactivate Users

    and click Save.

  2. For newly created app, Click on Assignments tab in the Application and assign users to your application. In order to assign groups to sync group memberships, navigate to Push Groups tab, from the "Push Groups" dropdown, select: "Find Groups by Name". Search for the group you'd like to push and select it. Make sure the box is checked for "Push Immediately" and click "Save".

  1. (Optional) If you have already have an app with assigned users before adding the provisioning feature, you can re-provision users by clicking on the Provision User option in the Assignments tab and then click OK to provision all users.

Application username format

Please select Email for the Application Username form.

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