Verified Domains

By default, access to a Dashworks workspace is restricted to users who have the same email domain as the first user who signed up for that workspace. To allow users from other email domains to access your Dashworks workspace, you may perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Workspace -> Security in your Dashworks workspace.

  2. Under Domain Management, click 'Add Domain.'

  1. Enter the desired domain to add to your workspace and click 'Next.'

  2. To verify your ownership of the added domain, follow the steps below to add a TXT record with your DNS provider.

  3. Click 'Verify' to complete the verification.

Single Sign-On

If you have Single Sign-On enabled for your Dashworks workspace, you may now assign users in your SSO provider from all verified domains. The assigned users will log into your Dashworks workspace using SSO.

SCIM/Directory Sync

If you have SCIM/Google Workspace directory connected to your Dashworks workspace, users from all verified domains will be synced (provisioned/de-provisioned) in Dashworks. You may see all synced users by navigating to Settings -> Workspace -> Members.

Org-wide connections

You may connect one or more org-wide connections from the App Store. For Dashworks users in your workspace to get information from these apps, they must log into Dashworks using the same email they use to log in to the connected org-wide applications.


All analytics available at Settings -> Workspace -> Analytics are automatically aggregated across all users and verified domains in your workspace.

Users from all verified domains will be able to log in to your Dashworks workspace and access any shared topics created within it.

Slackbot and bot account

You may set any user from any verified domain as the Bot Account. By going to Bots, you can also see all Slack channels where the Slackbot has been added.

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