Drafting emails

Dashwork can assist you with various types of emails. You can make each prompt more personalized by specifying the desired tone or purpose in your request. Once Dashworks generates a draft for you, you can request modifications if necessary.

Reach out to an old contact

  • “Write me an email to catch up with [contact] while including recent news about [their company].”

  • Write me a casual email reaching out to [contact] asking about [insert personalized question] and including [new projects you are working on that might interest them].

Business Development

  • "Please write an introduction email to [prospect name] of [prospect company] from [your name], [position & company], regarding how [your company] could benefit them, incorporating recent news on [company].”

Draft a Framing Note

  • “Draft a framing note that introduces our company and describes our use of the diagnostics and symmetry tool”

Client Acquisition and Engagement

  • "I'm looking for a [type of email] that will establish trust and credibility with [ideal client persona] by highlighting the successes and testimonials of previous clients who have mentioned [specific benefit].”

  • "I need a [type of email] that will tell a story about [service] and how it has helped [client] achieve [goal] in a relatable and engaging way."

  • “Write an introduction email explaining our leadership development program and the typical timeline of such an engagement with our company.”

  • "I'm looking for a [type (E.g., prospecting/business development, introduction, etc.)] email that will clearly explain the features and benefits of [service] to [ideal customer persona] and persuade them to move forward with a partnership with our company."

Setting Up Meetings

  • “Compose an email to schedule a meeting with [name] to discuss [the goal of the discussion]. Ask them when they’re free, and keep the email short.”

Providing Project Updates

  • “Create an email updating [person or group of people] on the status of [project], including [list completed tasks, upcoming milestones, and any challenges encountered].”

  1. Drafting Emails to Clients

  • Draft an apology email for a missing Item and poor service

  • Compose an email for a client who wishes to cancel their subscription, offering a lower price and a freebie.

  • Draft an email for a client, offering to cover the cost of their new device installation as a one-time courtesy

8. Rephrasing Emails for Clarity and Professionalism

  • "Can you rewrite an email for me?"

  • "Rephrase this message so it sounds more professional, “Let's not overlook this.”

  • "Rewrite this message to make it more formal and professional, “Ben and I chipped in and got Dave a gift. It cost $200 in total, including tax and delivery.

  1. Generating Responses to Customer Issues

  • Draft an email response to a customer complaining about a delayed order and poor customer support.

  • Can you please help me draft an email response to a customer who is complaining about the quality of their food?

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