Question answering

Dashworks is a versatile virtual assistant that can answer your questions about HR, internal guidelines, and processes. Instead of simply finding documents for you, Dashworks can gather information from multiple sources and present it in a summarized format.

Be as specific as possible when asking your questions to get the most accurate and relevant answers. If you can remember where you saw the information (such as in an email or on Slack), include that in your prompt, along with the approximate timing and who the message was from. This will help Dashworks narrow your search and provide the best possible answer.

Learn more about best practices for asking questions here. Here are some examples of questions you can ask, sorted by category:


  • How do I submit sick days?

  • How can I access my 401k portal?


  • How do I clear my cache and cookies?

  • What were the instructions for [tool] from the email sent a few months ago?

  • How can I reach [vendor] support?


  • What do I need to do when we have an offsite in the office?

  • Who on our team works with the client [client name]?

  • What was the latest proposal we sent to [client name]?

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