Researching customers

Dashworks can save hours of research to help generate fact sheets about a company or leadership team or gather general industry news. Be sure to use the Web Search to pull accurate information!

“Generate a fact sheet on [Company].”

You can frame the question above to fit your specific needs. For example, change it to “Generate a fact sheet on [Company] and focus more on [any of the topics below].”

  • Include details about their leadership team

  • Include recent news about this company

  • What is their mission statement and vision

  • Recent funding

  • Their target market

  • When it was founded and where it is located

  • Contact information such as phone number, email, social media, etc.

You can also ask Dashworks to include information from a specific source, such as Crunchbase, LinkedIn, a news website, etc.


  1. “Write a detailed SWOT analysis for [company/brand/product/service].”

  2. “Outline the key elements of the product/service offering from [Company].”

  3. “Give me a short 200 word summary of [Company’s] mission statement and vision.”

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