Ask Questions

After connecting your apps, you can start using Dashworks by asking questions!

Best Practices

To get the best responses from Dashworks, it's important to know the types of questions it's best suited for and how to phrase them best. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Ask questions in natural language: Phrase your question as a well-formed sentence instead of simply entering keywords like we're used to in Google. For example, ask, "Can you give me a history of the deal with Acme?" instead of just typing "Acme."

  • Ask unambiguous questions: Phrase your questions clearly so a new company intern would understand. For example, if you ask Dashworks "link to deck", it may not know which specific deck you are referring to, so instead, ask it "give me the link to our latest sales deck".

  • Include all relevant keywords: Dashworks uses keywords and phrases related to your question when searching in your connected apps. For example, if you ask, "what is our refund policy", it will look for terms like "refund policy", "customer refunds", or "billing policy". Adding more relevant keywords to your question increases the likelihood that it will find the correct content.

  • Tell Dashworks which app to search: You can add app filters from the web app, or include the app name, file name, and file type in your question. These signals help Dashworks focus its search and surface the correct results. For instance, you can ask, "Give me a link to the RFC for the slack autoresponder. It's a notion doc I saw in Slack last week."

  • Specify the type of answer in your question: You can ask Dashworks to return links to docs, summarize docs, write emails, write blog posts, and more. For instance, if you ask Dashworks "summary of the sales deck" it will return a summary of the deck, and if you ask it "link to the sales deck" it will return a URL for it instead.


Here are a few limitations of Dashworks to keep in mind:

  • Analytics or aggregate questions: Dashworks cannot do on-the-fly analysis on content in your apps. So it's unsuitable for questions like "How many deals did James close in Q3?".

  • Understanding search filters: Dashworks may not understand the search filters specified in your question. So it's not well suited for "personal assistant" style questions like "summarize the messages sent in #general channel this week" or "what are the last 3 unread emails in my inbox".

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