Scattered Knowledge

Review the tools being used

As companies grow, different teams naturally adopt specialized tools that best suit their needs. This results in information being spread across various apps, such as CRMs, docs, wikis, and chat. In most cases, each team uses a single app in every app category, such as Docs and Wikis, but in some cases, they may use multiple tools or tools with overlapping functionality. For example, a company may have the engineering team using Confluence while the HR team prefers using Google Drive. To some extent, this fragmentation is unavoidable—different teams work in different ways, and removing access to their favorite tools can decrease productivity or even resentment from teams that don't get to use their preferred tools at work.

However, tools with overlapping functionality can be discovered relatively using dedicated SaaS management tools like Lumos and Bettercloud, or by using SSO with tools like Google Workspace, Okta, or Azure AD.

Paper trails of information

Even with organized tools, too much information is generated daily across transcripts, CRMs, Slack threads, Jira issues, data warehouse logs, and more, for everything to be organized manually in the form of docs and wikis. This is where Dashworks comes in. The following sections include ways to improve the response accuracy for tools like Dashworks.

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