Org-Wide Chrome Extension Install

Ensure your entire org has the Browser extension prior to onboarding

Using the Dashworks Browser Extension is the best and easiest way to get the most out of your Dashworks experience. Setting it up for your entire org will ensure everyone adopts this functionality without configuring anything independently.

Admins can enable the Browser Extension for the entire organization or a specific organizational unit with one click. If you want individual users to decide if Dashworks will be their home page, you can set that permission at the Admin level, and then users can make Dashworks their homepage from their personal settings later.

Installing the Dashworks browser extension is quick and easy.

Step 1

  • From the sidebar on the left, navigate to Devices → Chrome → Apps & Extensions → Users & Browsers

Step 2

  • Select an Organizational Unit to deploy the Dashworks Chrome Extension

  • Click the "+" button in yellow on the bottom right of the page

  • Select "Add from Chrome Web Store" and paste the app ID: iecgdccnjbljdabegnogafjkkjlcpcgh

  • Click Select to allow users to install Dashworks

Step 3

  • This will now allow team members to install the browser extension

  • Click on the Installation policy drop-down and select "Force install + pin to browser toolbar" to deploy it to the users in the Organizational Unit selected above

  • Users can disable the extension by replacing their new tab page from their personal settings in Dashworks

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