Announcing Dashworks

The first thing to do before anyone has access to Dashworks is tell them what Dashworks does. Undoubtedly they are already using a myriad number of tools, so it’s important to emphasize that Dashworks acts as an aggregator – allowing you to search information across all of your team’s tools and get answers to their most pressing questions.

One effective phrase to communicate what Dashworks does is "Dash before you ask." This just means that oftentimes, the answer can be found in Dashworks and could prevent someone from bothering a teammate or waiting around for an answer.

Below is sample message you can send your team:

Hey Team! Starting tomorrow you will all have access to a new tool called Dashworks. Dashworks is <COMPANY NAME>'s AI assistant. It answers all your work-related questions and is able to synthesize information stored across your company's applications. It also has the ability to generate content, summarize meetings and emails, and provide you context on company projects.

We have currently connected <NAME COMPANY APPS> and you can connect your personal versions of those applications in your Settings. Dashworks can be accessed by heading to and logging in. Please join us for our kick-off webinar on <DATE/TIME/BOOKING LINK>

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