Customer support

Resolve customer issues

  • How do I troubleshoot issue X that a customer is facing?

  • Do we have a help article for feature X?

  • What is our process for handling refund requests?

  • How should I respond to a customer asking about feature X?

  • Can you summarize the main points from the support ticket X so I can respond to the customer?

  • Is there a way to temporarily disable two-factor authentication for a specific user account?

  • How can I export settings from the admin dashboard?

  • What are the steps to connect a wireless headset to its base station?

  • What does the error message X mean?

  • Where can I find the contact information for the engineering manager on-call to escalate this critical issue related to X?

Understand product functionality

  • How does the feature X work in our product?

  • Can you explain how our integration with partner X's software works?

  • What are the key differences between our pricing plans?

Draft help articles

  • Can you write a detailed how-to guide for the new feature X? Include the following sections: who it is for, how it works, how to get started, known issues, and what's coming next

  • Write a help article for how to connect SSO. Use this article as a template: URL

Drafting customer responses

  • Could you please help me rephrase this email to make it more reassuring and helpful: X

  • I need help composing an apology email for a missing item and addressing the customer's dissatisfaction.

  • Please draft an email for a client who wants to cancel their subscription. We are willing to reduce their monthly fee and provide two free months. Include an explanation of the features that are coming this and next quarter.

Find policy and process information

  • What is our SLA for responding to priority 1 tickets?

  • How does our 14-day free trial work?

  • Does our payment processor allow for refunds?

  • What are the steps for the Customer Success team after a deal is finalized?

Manage accounts and projects

  • Who is the account manager for the customer with email address X?

  • Where can I locate a customer's past invoices?

  • What was the feedback from the onsite demo at Globex Corporation?

  • What was the resolution provided to customer X when they reported issue Y?

  • What is the status of the CUSTOMER implementation project?

  • When is our next QBR scheduled with CUSTOMER?

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