Product management

  • Highlight the ability for users to view multiple entities within the software platform.

  • What features and enhancements are included in the next-generation intercom systems?

  • Does the software perform ACH verification for recipients?

  • Election-related guidelines for delivery executives in the logistics industry.

  • How does our product integrate with TOOL?

  • What are the technical specifications of the new feature?

Understanding User Needs and Feedback

  • Provide a summary of customer feedback on the communications platform, listing each point as a bullet point.

  • Create a list of customer complaints about missing items, quality issues, and coupon codes.

  • What are the common issues reported by users of FEATURE?

  • What are the latest customer feedback trends from our support tickets?

  • Summarize the key points from the last customer survey.

  • We've noticed that areas with a high concentration of premium orders are experiencing high rejection rates. How can we reduce rejection rates and improve customer experience while maintaining a good GMV for these categories?

  • Can you analyze the below data types and provide insights on the distribution of rejections across different channels?

  • What is the 30-day retention rate for X customers?

Competitive Analysis and Market Research

  • Are there any competitive or kill decks for a company similar to X?

  • What is the market share of three major companies in the quick commerce industry?

  • What are our competitors' recent product updates?

Product Roadmap and Prioritization

  • What is the current status of the PROJECT?

  • When will we be able to do X in the product?

  • Will feature X be included in the upcoming roadmap?

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