Software development

Debugging Errors

  • "How can I debug and fix several failing tests in a test suite?"

  • "What could be causing a NullPointerException in Java code?"

  • "How can I troubleshoot a malfunctioning metadata repository?"

  • "I'm encountering the following error related to configuration values. How can I resolve the issue of receiving a null value?: ERROR"

Code Review and Optimization

  • β€œCan you review the code in FILENAME and give me some tips on how to make it run faster and improve it?”

  • "I'm facing a problem with this line of code: CODE. Can you help me understand why it's not functioning as expected?"

  • "Can you explain the purpose of the code in the function FUNCTION in FILENAME?"

Infrastructure and Deployment

  • β€œHow can I connect to the terminal of a running container?”

  • β€œMy application running in a container fails to start due to a network configuration issue. How can I troubleshoot this problem?”

  • "Can someone explain why a particular cloud service is only scalable within multiple availability zones but not across regions?"

  • How can alert settings be modified in a configuration file, and does it require a full deployment or just a hotfix?

  • How can I upload a container image to a cloud container registry?

Database Queries and Management

  • "How can a string be split into multiple parts using a specific function in SQL?"

  • "What is the recommended level of granularity for tokenization of full-text searches in a database?"

  • "Can you provide a summary of the fundamental concepts in SQL?"

  • "How can I use this function in SQL to select multiple parts of a string?"

  • "What is the formula for calculating this value in Prometheus?

Understanding the Code Base

  • "How does the authentication module work in our application?"

  • "What are the main functions of the file in the backend repository?"

  • "Explain the purpose of the Grasper class in our codebase."

Getting Context on Past Projects and Decisions

  • "What were the key decisions made during the Aloha project?"

  • Summarize the main outcomes of the AI Summit conference talk.

  • "Provide a summary of the past projects worked on by John and the Analytics team.

Finding Status of Projects and Fixes

  • "What is the current status of the Jira effort HMV - Update SLA to switch from fastest to best match?"

  • "Provide the latest updates on the collaborative marketplace changes."

  • "What are the product feature releases in the last week?"

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