Browser Extension

The Dashworks browser extension simplifies access to Dashworks in one click. Once installed, you can access Dashworks in a few different ways from your browser:

  1. Use Dashworks from your new tab page

  2. Ask Dashworks from your address bar

  3. Click the Dashworks icon in your browser toolbar

Installing the extension

You can install the Dashworks extension using this link for Chrome or this link for Firefox.

New tab page

Once the extension is installed, simply open a new tab to access Dashworks. You can configure this setting here.

You can customize the new tab page with bookmarks and a background image. Bookmarks allow you to easily access your most-visited websites in one click. There are two types of bookmarks:

  • Personal Bookmarks: specific to your own Dashworks homepage and are only visible to you.

  • Company Bookmarks: created by your Dashworks admin.

Address bar

Additionally, you can also use Dashworks from the address bar by starting your query with "dash <question>" and pressing enter.

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