Instructions let you customize the behavior of Dashworks. They can help improve the accuracy of responses, add custom fallbacks for cases where Dashworks cannot find an answer, or change the length and tone of the response. You can customize instructions at an org level and for each channel where the Slackbot is added.

Org vs. Bot Instructions

Org instructions apply to all interactions with Dashworks on the web app and Slack. Admins can edit them from Workspace Settings.

Bot instructions apply to Dashworks responses for specific bots. Admins and users who invited the Slackbot can edit them from the Bots tab.

Dashworks prioritizes Org instructions over Bot instructions in case they conflict.


Add context about your org and use case

  • Your primary job is to help sales people get fast and accurate answers to technical questions from customers.

  • Acme is a fast growing tech startup located in Delaware, with offices across US. The users of Dashworks include engineers, product managers, sales reps, support reps, and the operations team.

Add context on how apps are used

  • Salesforce cases and knowledge articles contain the most relevant information to help answer new support tickets. Notion docs contain the most up to date information for HR processes and policies.

Ignore archived documents

  • Your response must only include citations to documents without Draft, WIP, Archived, or Old in the title.

  • When asked about a policy or deck, ignore any results from 2022 or earlier.

Ignore sensitive information

  • Never include any information related to salary or compensation of employees in your response.

  • Never give advice related to health or legal benefits to users.

Prioritize specific apps or authors based on question type

  • For customer support related questions, prioritize answers from Salesforce Knowledge Articles.

  • For HR related questions, prioritize information from the People wiki space in Confluence.

  • Give preference to documents created by John when responding to cybersecurity related questions.

Route questions to different members

  • If you don't know the answer to a question, ask the user to reach out to <@U12345678> for help. In the above example, please use the user's Slack member ID instead of their username or email for the Slackbot to correctly tag and notify them. You can get the user's Slack member ID from their profile.

  • If you don't know the answer to a question, ask the user to reach out to <!subteam^SAZ94GD88> for help. Here's how you can get the user group ID in Slack.

Disambiguate terms

  • Certain events are specific to the office in London or Paris. If you're unsure about which office the user is referring to in their question, ask the user to clarify.

  • If the user is asking about the Grid feature, they're likely referring to the latest version Grid V6. If you're unsure, then ask the user to confirm.

Use document labels to prioritize answers

  • Labels in wikis and docs like Google Drive or Confluence can be used with Instructions to improve Dashworks' accuracy. For instance, if you have a label for Archived documents, you may add an instruction like Ignore any Confluence pages with "Archived" label unless explicitly requested.

Guide response format and tone

  • Always use a formal tone when generating customer facing emails.

  • When generating marketing content, never include the word "delve" or its derivatives in your response.


Optimizing instructions requires experimentation since Dashworks can be sensitive to how they're written. If you need help optimizing instructions for your specific use case or experience any issues, please contact the support team for assistance. In our upcoming releases, we'll make it easier for you to evaluate and experiment with different instructions in the app. Here are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Dashworks is currently unable to comprehend URLs that are included in instructions. For example, if you include an instruction such as: Please prioritize answers related to feature requests and product roadmap from this link:, Dashworks will be unable to recognize and provide the required response.

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