Once you've completed the setup, the Dashworks Slackbot will automatically detect and respond to questions asked in new threads.

Questions the Slackbot will not respond to

While the Slackbot is trained to detect and automatically respond to most questions, there are questions the Slackbot is configured to not respond to. This is expected behavior to ensure the Slackbot is not creating unnecessary noise in shared Slack channels. The Slackbot will not respond to:

  • Questions that are directed to other members (i.e. -- "John, did you hear back from customer X about the open proposal?")

  • Action oriented questions (i.e. "Send an email to prospect X about the items we spoke about.")

Asking follow-up questions

You can ask Dash AI a follow-up question inside the thread by tagging it with "@Dashworks".

Resolving a question

Click "Yes" on Dash AI's response to mark the question as resolved. Once resolved, Dash AI will add a emoji to indicate that it's resolved.

Training Dash AI

If you think Dashworks' responses can be improved, you can provide it feedback by clicking on the Show More menu to help improve its responses for similar questions asked in the future. You can learn more about how you can train Dash AI here.

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