Chrome Extension Admin Install

Pre-install the Chrome extension as an Admin.

Admins can enable the Chrome Extension for specific teams or the entire organization. This makes it easy for team members to get started with using Dashworks, without needing to install the extension themselves.

The Chrome extension can be used in a few ways:

  1. As Chrome's new tab page

Additionally, the extension is required for certain integrations such as Notion.

The installation is "silent" since it does not automatically take over the new tab page, unlike if users are to install the extension themselves. Instead, it simply adds the extension to the extension toolbar in Chrome. Individual users can then decide to make it their new tab page from their personal settings.

Step 1

  • From the sidebar on the left, navigate to Devices → Chrome → Apps & Extensions → Users & Browsers

Step 2

  • Select an Organizational Unit to deploy the Dashworks Chrome Extension

  • Click the "+" button in yellow on the bottom right of the page

  • Select "Add from Chrome Web Store" and paste the app ID: iecgdccnjbljdabegnogafjkkjlcpcgh

  • Click Select to allow users to install Dashworks

Step 3

  • This will now allow team members to install the browser extension

  • Click on the Installation policy drop-down and select "Force install" to deploy it to the users in the Organizational Unit selected above

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