People and Talent

Find employee benefits and policies

  • What are the company's expense policies?

  • Where can I find information about the family and medical leave policy for California employees?

  • What is the policy for reimbursing employee expenses?

  • What is the company's PTO policy in Georgia?

Onboard new hires

  • How do I check my leave balance?

  • What are the health insurance options available?

  • How do I update my personal information in the HR system?

Create job recs

  • Can you draft a job description for a Senior Lunar Rover Engineer, focusing on experience with autonomous navigation systems and radiation-hardened electronics?

  • Draft a job rec for a Martian Habitat Systems Architect, emphasizing experience in closed-loop life support systems and Martian environmental simulations.

Write employee feedback

  • Can you help me write constructive feedback for our Asteroid Mining Robot Programmer who consistently meets deadlines but struggles with team communication?

  • Please help me compose feedback for our Exoplanet Exploration AI Specialist, acknowledging their innovative algorithms but addressing concerns about documentation quality.

Draft training material

  • Create an outline for a training module on "Safety Protocols for Handling Experimental Propulsion Systems in Microgravity Environments."

  • Develop a list of key topics for a training session on "Maintenance and Repair of Humanoid Robots for Extraterrestrial Construction Projects."

Draft interview questions

  • Generate a set of technical interview questions for a Quantum Communication Specialist position, focusing on entanglement-based data transmission in space.

  • Create behavioral interview questions for a Spacecraft Recycling Systems Engineer role, emphasizing problem-solving in resource-constrained environments.

  • Draft scenario-based interview questions for a Space Tourism Safety Officer position, addressing emergency protocols and passenger management in suborbital flights.

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