Finding Sales Enablement Collateral

  • What are the key differentiators of our product vs COMPETITOR?

  • Do we have a kill sheet for COMPETITOR?

  • How do I demo the new FEATURE to prospects?

  • What case studies do we have for INDUSTRY?

  • Where can I find the latest sales deck for INDUSTRY?

Getting Answers to Technical Questions

  • How does our product integrate with Salesforce?

  • What are the technical requirements to try feature X?

Filling out Security Questionnaires

  • What encryption does our software use?

  • Are we SOC-2 compliant? Can you find me our latest SOC-2 report?

  • What security controls are in place to ensure the protection of sensitive data?

Preparing for Customer Calls

  • Summarize all past communications with PROSPECT

  • Give me a detailed summary of the PROSPECT deal

  • What are the main use cases that PROSPECT is looking to solve?

Drafting Personalized Pitches and Emails

  • Draft a follow-up email to PROSPECT about our meeting last week.

  • Create an outbound email sequence for a new product launch.

  • Draft an email response to PROSPECT to address their concerns about TOPIC

Instant Answers on Sales Calls

  • What is our discount policy for bulk purchases?

  • How do I handle objections about our product's pricing?

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