Product & Engineering

How Dashworks allows Engineering teams to accelerate their onboarding, find answers quickly, and share knowledge seamlessly

Dashworks was created by two Engineers who found it nearly impossible to get the answers they were looking for when they joined a new org. The information felt silo-ed and the only option was to take precious time away from the more senior team members to ask them questions in order to get unblocked.

Dashworks allows Engineering teams to solve this issue by providing them with comprehensive answers to their most pressing questions. Engineering teams will be able to ship code faster, keep individual team members on task, and ensure knowledge transfer is not missed during onboarding.

With Dashworks, Engineering teams can:

  • Debug code

  • Generate technical documentation

  • Improve technical know-how

  • Create instant scripts

  • Generate deploy-ready code

Additionally, Product teams can use Dashworks to build a better product with a 360 view of customer feedback. They can:

  • View consolidated customer feedback using a single query

  • Understand how different teams are discussing similar topics

  • Discover reasons for product decisions

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