Other ways to use the Slackbot

If you prefer not to have Dash AI respond automatically to questions in the channel, you can adjust this setting on the Bots tab. Here are some other ways you can also use Dash AI in channels:

Tag @Dashworks

You can trigger a response from Dashworks by tagging it with "@Dashworks" in your question.

Ask Dash AI

You can also trigger the Dashworks Slackbot on a question asked by another team member by selecting "Ask Dash AI" from the message actions menu.

Slack Workflows

You can also set up Slack Workflows if you want additional configuration, such as structured form inputs, or trigger multiple actions after a question is asked in the channel.

Here are the steps to creating a workflow:

  1. Go to the "Integrations" tab on the top of the channel and select "Add a Workflow".

  2. Select "Create Workflow' and then "From a link in Slack".

  3. As the first step in this workflow, select "Forms" -> "Collect info in a form" on the right side. You can customize this form per your requirements. Ensure to include a "Long Answer" field with a descriptive name, such as "What is your question?". This field will be used to send the user's question to Dash AI. Mark this step as required.

  4. As the second step, select "Messages" -> "Send a message to a channel". Select the channel where you want to add the Slackbot. Under "Add a message" add "@user-who-asked-the-question: @dashworks {user question}", replacing [Variable X] with the appropriate variable by clicking "Insert variable".

  5. Add any additional actions you want to take, then publish the workflow.

  6. Copy the link to the workflow and add it as a bookmark in the Slack channel.

  7. Users will be directed to the form created in Step 3 when they click on the bookmark. After submitting the form, a new thread will be created with the question, and Dash AI will respond.

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